10 Annoying People You Meet In Delhi Metro

Metro is life line of Delhi, it’s a huge network and is estimated to  expand to more than 300 km by  the next year. You would find people from all walks of life hitching their ride in the metro, but you would also find some annoying characters in the same. This post is dedicated to the annoying characters who travel along with you in the metro.

1. Uncle and Anty Giving lecture on using smart phone and telling a random teenager that how awesome their time was


2. People of Rajiv Chaowk

rajiv chauk

3. Students Discussing their subjects and laughing on lame jokes


4. People with sunglasses 


5. Thoda Side ho jao wali Anty


6. People constantly asking while you are listing your favorite song


7. People asking ” Kab Utroge”

aap utroge

8. The Fart machine


and when you look at them after the smell


and when they got caught


9. People who put their bags on Seats


10. People with annoying and loud conversation 

extra seat

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