10 Hilarious Harry Potter Dialogs in Hindi

In India we all loved Harry Potter, whether it is a book or Movie we all are fan of the series, but when a movie release and dubbed in Hindi it makes an awkward and hilarious dialogs of the actual scene.

1. When Lord Voldemort appreciate harry


2. Transformation of Draco Malfoy

Draco malfoy

3. Dum Pishhach = Dementors

DUm Pishhach - Dementors

4. Epic Movie Name

maut ke tohfe

5. Mayoos Meena = Moaning Myrtle

Mayoos Meena - Moaninh Myrtle

6. Nagesh Nagshakti = Salazar Slytherin

Nagesh Nagshakti - salazar Slytherin

7. Pitrideva Sangrakshanam = Expecto Patronum

Pitrideva Sangrakshanam - Expecto Patronum

8. Smiriti Virupam = Obliviate

Smiriti Virupam - Obliviate

9. Tatkshan Maranasham = Avada Kedavra

Tatkshan Maranasham - Avada Kedavra

10. Ron Weasley is epic

suraj chanda

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