10 Reason Why Tunak Tunak is Global Song

World is a strange place, from years we were thinking that “Jai ho” is only global song from India but years before the release of this song Daler Mehndi created something extraordinary, we know it as ” Tunak tunak”, this song is truly a global song.


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1. when LordofDance.com made a spoof on this song in the year of 2000

2. This is one of the weirdest dance number

3. When White guys listen to Daler Mehndi

4. In 2009 , Bloomingdale High School (Valrico, FL, USA) created this video for their dance party and its awesome

5. Tunak Tunak in a wedding

6. When Red Barat played this Louisville, KY

7. When Zumba use this in one of its fitness programme

8. When Dancers of DeNile does a belly dances on same tune

9. When People of Poland danced on this

10.When student of Ege University, turkey dances on this song

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