20 Weird Things You Can Find Only In Delhi

Delhi is heart of India, you can find awesome food, awesome people, tourist place and many other awesome stuffs in this city ( That include lajpat nagar, sarojini nagar and palika). But among those awesome stuff we tried to find some weird awesome stuffs. Hope our readers will love it

1. Delhi Police Instructions

straight not allowed

2. MCD double meaning banners

MCD sign

3.All in one Car

all in one car

4. Awesome auto quotes – > Find more quotes here -> 11 Life Changing Quote From “Autowalas”

auto quotes

5. Transporting big stuffs in bike

bike transport

6. Kurta direct from Alaska 

barfila kurta

7. This is most brutal sign board ever


8. Burger Singh FML

burger singh

9. An honest confession 


10. Cold cold drinks

cold drink

11. He can sue you for this


12. Most uncomfortable number plate 

Number plate

13. Ice cream with a face

face cone

14. Edited sign boards

park notice

15. Square bathtubs

square bathtub

16. California Boulevard serving Nihari 

serving mughlai

17. This scooter side text

scooter text

18. Wifi Names

wifi name

19. Visa wale Baba

visa wale baba

20. Future of a car


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