23 More Pictures Which Will Prove Why Jugaad Is Greatest Invention Of India


Few days back we posted about Greatest Invention of all time by India, which is Jugaad, we illustrated how Jugaad helps Indian to creatively solve daily life problem, our readers loved that post so we decided to post something more about that issue

ac in genral

1. So you need an AC compartment in the price of Slipper coach

brush jugaad

2. When you see it

chappal jugaad

3. You need an automatic closing door, use a rubber chappal instead

charger jugaad

4. Admit it! you have done it

coil jugaad

5. No coil stand no problem, I have a bottle

Cycle jugaad

6. Anti Theft Locking System

hair straight

7. Hair Straighten Jugaad

Innovative worker Jugaad

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