10 Things You Don’t Know About Jurassic World

Jurassic World is 4th Installation of the Jurassic Park Movie, its highest weekend grosser ever and currently crossed 1 billion mark. Some fan loved the movie some hates it due to some reason. so we decided to tell them some of the facts they don’t know about the movie. 1. You can see John Hammond…

If Avengers Have A Dark Twist

What if marvel’s avengers have a dark twist, an Artist from Malaysia known as Daniel Kamarudin designed a darker version of the Avengers and Ultron. 1. The Whole Crew 2. Almighty Thor 3. Black Widow looks Badass 4. Captain America in New World 4. Mysterious Hawkeye 5. Hulk The Bloodied Titan 6. Iron Man, The Sorcerer Of Snark 7. Quicksilver The Wraithbrand 8….

10 Hilarious Harry Potter Dialogs in Hindi

In India we all loved Harry Potter, whether it is a book or Movie we all are fan of the series, but when a movie release and dubbed in Hindi it makes an awkward and hilarious dialogs of the actual scene. 1. When Lord Voldemort appreciate harry 2. Transformation of Draco Malfoy 3. Dum Pishhach = Dementors 4….

10 Things You Don’t Know About PK

1. For the first time in his career cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar praised any movie  in public in his own word ” “The film is superb. I have promised Aamir so I won’t disclose much about the story. But I would like to say that all of you please go and watch this film as it…

If TV Series Dubbed in Bhojpuri

What happen if a TV series dubbed for Bhojpuri audience, they will get more sarcastic, few days back Minimal Bollywood Posters posted a series of posters over Hollywood movies in bhojpuri, now they are back with more hilarious posters of TV series Breaking bad Game of Thrones Gossip Girl How I Met Your Mother Lost The Big Bang…