Epic Youtube Headquater in San Bruno

We all love world largest video sharing website, it gives us information as well as fun too, But it is also a Fun place to work, so we are dedicating this post to this Epic website’s Workplace


This is its Entrance designed in Red and give feel of the website itself


collaboration is at the heart of all youtube projects and the office space supports it with open areas and communal style work spaces employees from all levels and positions sit side by side and work together


for anyone who needs a midday snooze or refresher the nap pod under the youtube slide can be reserved and is equipped with a massage chair music system and blackout screen


for a quick break or meeting over some golf the putting green is the perfect place to chat there are even cardboard cutouts of youtube stars like psy and justin bieber cheering you on


Google built the Google Brandlab to best serve its clients as a digital partner to help more brands harness the full potential of the web it created this physical space in September of 2012


Google’s emphasis on health wellness and fitness doesnt stop at the gym and fitness centres  walkstations are scattered throughout the office so Youtubers can leave their desks and take a treadmill stroll 


Yes This office also contains a Pool like this


many employees bring in their dogs to the office each day


natural lighting and a comfortable work environment is a top priority for all Google offices this roof level room hosts a range of couches and sofas that are used for meetings


the Brandlab is a place for customers executives and their advertising or creative agencies who are charged with building brands and growing revenueto think through how they can create better connections



The grand Youtube slide stretches the length of one full story connecting the second and third floors, It means employer uses slider to come to the 1st floor instead of lift or stairs


the Youtube lobby houses a large play button and flat screens on the wall which constantly plays a Youtube trends playlist so employees stay up to date with happenings on the site


Master chef: San Francisco’s Trent Page cooks up a range of healthy, free meals


why walk when you can ride Youtubes hqs are stocked with scooters and bikes for meeting to meeting transportation

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