These Hidden Secrets Behind Famous Company Logos Will Amuse You

1. Sony Vaio


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2. Amazon – It means it is selling  A to Z products

Amazon logo

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3. Baskin Robbins 

Baskin Robbinns

According to them ” A local advertising agency, Carson/Roberts, advised a uniform identity and image under the name Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream. Their recommendations included the “31®” logo to represent a flavor for every day of the month, Cherry (pink) and Chocolate (brown) polka dots to be reminiscent of clowns, carnivals and fun and lastly, the use of cartoons to bring their flavors alive with personality to graphically highlight the name and delicious ingredients.”

Source – Baskin Robbins History

3. Formula 1 – Between F and speed logo there is 1


4. Northwest Airlines – It has lots of hidden message for the starter, N and W is in negative space, also circle represent earth and if we divide them in 4 coördinates according to directions you can see that the triangle is present in north-west region



5. Fed Ex –  Do you Notice a forward Arrow in the logo



6. Hope for African Children Initiative – If you look closely it will look like Map of Africa and an adult and child facing each other

Hope for African Children Initiative Logo

7. Unilever – This logo has 25 different icons and each of them represent something important to them

See here what each icon means to them



8. Coca Cola – This was discovered by Coca cola itself, if you look closely this logo has flag of Denmark, known as Happiest country in this world.

coca cola denmark

They also ran a campaign about this

9.  SBI – There is nothing special about this logo but if you go to Google map and Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad you can see its logo

kankaria lake

10. NBC – It is actually a peacock and the 6 color in its feather represent 6 division of NBC ( News, Entertainment, Sports, Station, Network and Productions)

NBC new

If we look at its old logo then this idea gets more clear ( 1956–1960)

NBC old


11. Cisco –  You can see golden bridge of San Francisco in it



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