Hilarious IRCTC Jokes

For India IRCTC is a mystery, yep I am talking about the most incredible site ever, once a person book a ticket from it he feels like he won a WAR, we are sharing such one liners dedicated to this incredible site

Against Reservation

Booking Ticket on IRCTC

Canceled MEME

Deewar IRCTC








“A lot of people think IRCTC’s tagline is ‘This webpage is not available’”

“The real competition in India is not seen during IITJEE, CAT or UPSC. It’s seen every morning at 10am”

“The most valid excuse for coming late to office. A team mate emailed – ‘Booking ticket on IRCTC. Will be a bit late”

“Dear Arvind Kejriwal, I would vote for you in the coming elections if you fix IRCTC website”


“Book a ticket on IRCTC for your girlfriend. Nothing says I love you, more than that gesture.”

“Mental disorder is 2nd most common cause of suicide in India. 1st is “Trying to book tickets on IRCTC website”

“IRCTC- India’s favorite massively multi-player online adventure game”

“When it comes to queuing up, IRCTC / Indian Railways can beat Apple any day! “

“That’s Why Advani Ji prefer his own ‘Rath’ over ‘IRCTC'”

“Qn:How to test browser speed? A: Try opening IRCTC.* *Plug in power source to your laptop before attempting this”

“Turtle: Nothing is slower than me! Snail: Lol you sure?

Internet Explorer: BITCH PLEASE..

IRCTC : Awaaz Niche!! ;)”

“Dear Blue Dart and DHL, this Diwali, can I courier myself to my home? Sincerely, IRCTC hater.”

” What if IRCTC is actually promoting ticket less travel?”

“IRCTC is the only website which takes the same time to load irrespective of the speed of your Internet connection.”

 “IRCTC is short form for I Refuse Connectivity To Customers.” 

“Q: How do you get away with the perfect crime?
A: Murder someone and hide the body in the IRCTC’s “Booking Successful” page”

“DRDO moves sensitive data to IRCTC server to prevent attacks by Chinese hackers”

“IRCTC is the SI Unit of Patience”

“Earlier my dream was to book a ticket on IRCTC but now i think dreams should be achievable, so now i want to travel to MARS”


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