If Avengers Have A Dark Twist

What if marvel’s avengers have a dark twist, an Artist from Malaysia known as Daniel Kamarudin designed a darker version of the Avengers and Ultron.

1. The Whole CrewTrailer

2. Almighty Thor

Almighty Thor

3. Black Widow looks Badass

Black Widow

4. Captain America in New World

Captain New World

4. Mysterious Hawkeye


5. Hulk The Bloodied Titan

Hulk the bloodied titan

6. Iron Man, The Sorcerer Of Snark

Iron Man, The sorcerer of snark

7. Quicksilver The Wraithbrand

Quicksilver the Wraithbrand

8. Amazing Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

9. The Vision, Knowledge Incarnate

The Vision, Knowledge incarnate

10. Ultron the Stringless

Ultron the stringless

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