Now Fly IAF Fighter Planes Without Joining Them

On july 3rd 2014, Indian Air force Launched a Video game, so that they can attract the youth and motivate them to join IAF. It is a joined effort by an IITian, an IIM graduate and an ex – Fighter pilot.


This is started by a 27-year-old IITian ( Kharagpur graduate) Anurag Rana, 40-year-old ex – Fighter pilot Sameer Joshi and 26-year-old IIM-Ahmedabad graduate Sidhant Rahi. They started this project on January 2014.


According to Rana  “Guardians of the Skies puts on display the glory of the Indian Air Force. Actively engaging youngsters on a storyline the outcome of which they can decide by maneuvering the IAF’s aircraft gives them a virtual experience of flying a combat mission over real terrain,”

“Some of the pilots who played the game told us that the experience was close to real-life flying,” Rana said.

“This is probably the first time that an Indian government agency has ventured into gaming, amalgamating it with a national cause,” he said. He added that on the technical front, the challenge has been to merge 3D graphics and life-like effects on a mobile platform. The game occupies just 40 MB of storage space about five per cent of a typical computer game.

Sameer Joshi Scripted the Mission of the game, he says that he is hoping that this game educate youngsters about AIF and motivate them to join Indian Air Force. 

We are sharing its Trailer for our readers

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