Shit! Bihari Says

In India Bihar is known for giving Man power for most of the part of the country, It has a great history from “Chanakya” to “Mahatama Budha” From ” Khudiram Bose” to ” Jai prakash Narayan” infact first president of India ” Dr. Rajendra Prasad” is from Bihar.  so One of our Admin who himself is a “Bihari” wrote this post dedicated to those awesome, hard working people to bring some smile in their face.

We recreated Meme used in a Facebook Page Known as Bihari TipsHope Non Bihari as well as our Bihari friend will enjoy this post

6 le lota

1 Bakan thetheri

2 . Baukhala

3 Lauk

4 Dheeth

5 loor

7 sukhal phutani

8 garda

9 Fighting

11 satyanarayan

12 Thoorana

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