Story Of India’s ‘ FIrst Surfer Girl’ Which Will Inspire Every Girl in India

This is story of Ishita Malaviya a normal Indian girl who break the traditional barrier that Girls cannot pursue mainstream interest, In her own words ” In India, a girl is expected to go to school, start working, get married, and have babies. It’s crazy. I would have never in my wildest dreams, ever imagine that I would be the first female surfer in India.”

In her interview for The Guardian she said “I think surfing can be a very positive thing for India, for the girls who start surfing it’s opening their eyes to a whole new world. There are so many barriers for them – especially once they reach puberty and their interaction with boys can become very limited – but when they’re in the water it can break down some of those barriers.”

Take  look at this 5 minute video to know how she broke all the barriers, we are sure this story will inspire many of the awesome female readers of ours

Surfing Possibility: India’s First Surfer Girl from Storytellers For Good on Vimeo.

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